What happens in a session?

In the first session we will spend time discussing your issue and defining your goal for our time together. Later in the session you will experience hypnotic trance. You may be surprised to find how familiar it feels as it’s a natural phenomena we each experience every day. Watching television and forgetting to pay attention to the room around you or being absorbed in conversation with a friend and not being aware of the time passing are both examples of hypnotice trance states. In trance you will still be fully aware, able to move and talk when you wish but what’s happening inside your mind may be more absorbing than the outside world. Many people find it a very relaxing experience. While in hypnosis I will talk to you and take you through imaginative exercises, guiding you towards making positive changes.

In subsequent sessions we will focus on how you are progressing, the changes that are happening for you and how we can maximize the benefits. Each session will be tailored to where you are right now and moving you further towards your goal.

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