Be The Youest You

You’re stuck right?

You’ve probably tried to make changes on your own. Maybe you’ve been faking it but not making it or affirming your socks off without success. Sure you could read some more books and try some more stuff on your own but we all need a bit of help from someone else sometimes. I work with people like you either in person or online depending on your preference. We’re talking short term help not a long term commitment. I’ve helped people like you make a big change in just 4 sessions. If you’re interested in finding out more abut how I can help read on.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re not prepared to put up with that gnawing sense of being no good any more. That black cloud hovering over you, waiting to rain down on you hard any time you dare to step out of its shadow. You’ve been holding yourself back for too long, not living the life you want in order to appease that monster but it’s still there. The nagging voice whittering in your ear how you’re not good enough even as you lay in bed trying to sleep. Sucking the joy out of seeing family and friends, stopping you going for that promotion, making you keep your opinions to yourself. Holding you back so you won’t say or do the wrong thing and be shown up for the fraud you are. Sometimes it can feel like it’s been there so long it’s a part of you, like an arm or a leg.

Maybe you’ve tried thinking yourself out of it, faking it till you make it or repeating mantras until you cringe inside. Maybe you’ve made a bit of progress but it feels like an up hill battle and you’re constantly fighting not to slip back. On the outside, to everyone else it might look like you’re having the perfect life but when you don’t feel you deserve it it’s almost impossible to enjoy it. All you want is to feel comfortable being you and feel equal to everyone else. Deep down a part of you know’s you’re a decent person. After all you care about people and you do your best. But even when you know logically you’re a decent person that doesn’t mean you feel it.

The good news is it’s absolutely possible for you to feel comfortable with yourself and appreciate your own value. Imagine how different life would look if you felt at ease being yourself with other people. Looking forward to seeing family and friends instead of dreading it days in advance. Going for promotion or even your dream career. Feeling free to speak your mind. Maybe even living a life that looks the same from the outside but feels completely different inside, now you feel you deserve all it has to offer.

Like a parasite that old feeling hitch hiked a ride on you and has been sucking the good stuff out of your life for too long. You didn’t come out of the womb feeling this way and you don’t have to put up with it. I help people like you to blow that dark cloud away and start living in the sun and here’s how.

Be The Youest You Programme

In this programme we’ll work together to get rid of that old feeling of being inadequate or worthless so you can feel at ease with yourself and get more out of life. Over 4 sessions we’ll dissolve that old feeling so you can start to go for what you want in life, be the real you with people and feel relaxed with who you are. So you’re not trapped by that old feeling and you can be free to choose what you want to do, say or where you want to be rather than being controlled by that old fear. You may even find yourself doing things you’d never dreamt possible!

So what will we be doing?

Over 3 months we’ll have 4 sessions working together to get you what you need to love being you.

Session 1

We’ll lighten the load and get rid of the baggage that’s been weighing you down for too long.

Session 2

We’ll get to the root of that old feeling and dissolve it from the core so it doesn’t bother you again.

Session 3

We’ll tackle any day to day issues and give you the tools you need to feel comfortable wherever you are.

Session 4

We’ll be cementing everything we’ve done so far to make sure all the progress you’ve made stays with you into the future and you have the tools you need to keep being the youest your effortlessly. Between sessions I’ll check in with you via text or email so you never feel like you’re doing this alone.

Where can we do it?

I have rooms in Crystal Palace and in Bishopsgate close to Liverpool Street Station. I can also do sessions online via Skype or Zoom which many people find convenient.

How much will it cost?

£300. Yes it’s not an insubstantial amount of money but unlike a pair of shoes, highlights, whiter teeth or a weekend away, this could change your life. How much more would you enjoy those things (and everything else) being the real you and feeling good? Each of us has only a finite amount of time on this planet and I want you to get the best out of yours.

I also offer a payment plan at no extra charge so you can spread the cost.

. Email me 07783 672965