About Me

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist in London working from offices in both Crystal Palace and Bishopsgate. I am registered with both the General Hypnotherapy Register and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council*.

I love working with people one to one to help them improve their lives. My particular interest is working with anxiety, lack of confidence and low self esteem. Helping someone to feel comfortable in their own skin in situations where they used to feel anxious or unconfident is very rewarding.

I believe that our minds are the most powerful tools we have. My job is to create the right environment for you to use your mind optimally to make your own changes. I’m not into watch swinging or clucking like a chicken. If you’re looking for an authoritarian style hypnotherapist to command you to ‘be better’ that really isn’t my bag. The modern form of hypnotherapy I use very much puts you the client in the driving seat. I use my expertise to guide you through hypnosis but your experience will be unique to you. It’s a very permissive style in which you are always in control. It’s the style which I enjoyed myself when I was the client as I don’t know about you but I don’t like being ordered around.

My aim is to help you achieve the changes you want as quickly and sustainably as possible, so you can live a healthier and happier life. Whether that’s helping you to deal with anxiety, build confidence or improve self esteem I’m here to help you.

I see most clients for between two and four sessions to get the result they want although there are exceptions. You should be able to take away something from each session which shows you that you’re moving towards your goal.

Find out more about hypnosis and what happens in a session.

*The Department of Health has recommended that where people are looking for complementary health practitioners they use someone who is registered with Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development

General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP)

Practitioner Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Diploma in EMDR incorporating Hypnosis


Registered with Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council Registered with General Hypnotherapy Register

rachel@naturallyuhypnosis.co.uk Email me 07783 672965