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Welcome to a place where you can learn to dare to be yourself and feel free to be you wherever you are.

I know you might have been searching the internet for a while looking for help. You might not even know exactly what you need help with but you’re fed up of feeling like you’re feeling. Well luckily you’ve found your way here and I want to help you feel the youest you can be.

Hiding in the shadows hoping not to be shown up for the fraud you feel you are is no life. Playing it safe and not going for what you want because you presume you won’t get it is a strategy for misery. When your inner critic is out of control keeping you feeling less than those around you it can lead to sleepless nights, **worried **days, keeping to yourself and playing it small. When you don’t feel solid on the inside it’s easy to be buffeted on the winds of other peoples whims. An innocent comment or difference in opinion can have you doubting yourself. But denying who you are, trying to fit yourself into a mould you think is more acceptable, staying in that dead end job when you’re capable of more or always saying yes to those ‘friends’ that put you down isn’t an answer. I guess you know that already or you wouldn’t be here.

Imagine the difference it could make to your life if you did feel solid on the inside. Being able to speak you mind even when others disagree, getting involved at meetings, looking forward to seeing friends and family. Knowing that it’s only natural that not everyone is going to like you and feeling okay with that. **Liking yourself, warts and all **and feeling okay with other people seeing who you really are. No being fake, no hiding, just being free to be you. If that’s what you’re after then you’ve come to the right place. **Feeling free to be yourself is totally possible **and I’m here to help you do it.

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