Boost Self-Esteem

Do you lack faith in yourself? Does it feel as if everyone else is more capable or confident? Find out how hypnosis can help boost your self-esteem.

Do you hold back and not speak your mind because you don’t have confidence in your opinions? Imagine how it would feel to spend less time thinking and more time doing what you want? Having the strength of your convictions, feeling free to speak your mind, feeling comfortable in your own skin wherever you are.

Does criticism cut deep while compliments make you feel uncomfortable? Are you always striving for perfection and nothing less will do? Maybe on one level you know you’re an okay person but that’s not how you feel. Then hypnosis can help to build your self esteem by changing your instinctual feelings.

When you lack self-esteem your life can feel like a building without foundations. The opinions of others can sway you easily and make you doubt yourself. That can make comitting to a plan of action tricky as you’re always wondering if the latest piece of advise is better than what you were already doing. You may also find yourself procrastinating a lot. Making simple decisions can feel extrutiating when it’s as if your whole identity, whether you’re good or bad, hangs on the outcome. **Imagine valueing yourself **regardless of the outcome? How differently would life look?

You may have had a bad experience or difficult childhood, you may still hear the voice of a parent berating you constantly in your negative self talk. Equally nothing particularly bad may ever have happened to you. It could be that when you were young you picked up negative messages from your environment and internalised them. When you’re a child your brain is still taking shape. Things which people say or do can be misinterpreted by the still growing brain and taken onboard. Equally those around you may have had low self-esteem themselves and you’ve learned that way of being from them. Whatever you’ve learned can be unlearned too. You can let go of those old ideas about yourself because they’re not a part of you.

What my clients say -

I was impressed with Rachel’s shrewd analysis and with the way that I was easily directed to make a revealing discovery, something that created an unwanted pattern in my behaviour at a very young age. Thanks to this new awareness, I have since been able to consciously work on correcting my behaviour. I highly recommend Rachel as a hypnotherapist especially for her ability to empathise, make you feel at ease and for her observing and analytical qualities.

Lisa G

As low self-esteem denies logic telling you you’re a good person is probably not going to work. If you’ve tried positive affirmations yourself saying them outloud as you looked in the mirror may have made you felt extrutiating. That’s because it goes against everything you feel. I won’t try to change what you think by showering you with positive affirmations while you’re in a trance. Instead we will use hypnosis on the instinctual level, where your brain stores beliefs and feelings. There we can work together to change how you feel, which frees up your brain to take onboard new evidence and decide for itself that you are a decent person. And when your brain begins to look for the positive your whole outlook can change for the better. Email me 07956 341263