Deal with Anxiety

Is dealing with anxiety limiting your enjoyment of life and stopping you from being yourself? Find out how hypnosis can help you.

Anxiety is the pits. Being restricted in the places you can go or what you can do. Feeling you have to avoid certain people, places or situations. Imagine what life will look like when you’re calm and relaxed more of the time? What it will be like to go wherever you want without worrying about how you’ll feel or what people will think? To actually look forward to the future. What little or big things will you be doing differently? Imagine how much more choice you’ll have in life.

How many of these questions can you answer yes to?

  • Do you excessively ruminate on the past and/or fear the future?
  • Do certain situations make you anxious?
  • In certain situations are you overwhelmed by panic?
  • Have you tried talking yourself out of feeling anxious but it’s not working?

It can be like a prison you carry around with you, on some level it can be there all the time, gnawing at your thoughts, keeping you awake at night. Even when you’re not doing whatever it is that makes you anxious it can be taking up all your time and energy.

If you could choose to ‘just relax’ about it you would but you haven’t chosen to feel anxious either. With hypnosis we can help you to reprogramme that part of your mind which is creating this anxious reaction so you can be relaxed in those times that used to make you anxious.

At particular times a level of anxiety is appropriate to keep us alert and safe. The problem comes when your spidey senses are set off by situations that really aren’t harmful or are indeed being set off all the time by almost everything. When this happens hypnosis can help to retune your spidey sense so you can feel calm in those situations, cope better with uncertainty, look forward to future events and feel safer more of the time. And that can make such a big difference to your everyday life. Email me 07956 341263