Deal with Social Anxiety

Is social anxiety affecting your day to day life, stopping you from making friends, climbing the career ladder or having fun? Find out how hypnosis can help you.

Maybe it’s work events that send a hot flush to your cheeks and make your palms begin to sweat. It could be the thought of dinner with friends (even the ones you really like) starts your heart racing. Imagine what it could be like to feel calm and relaxed (maybe even excited) about upcoming social events? Not caring too much about what you might say or do or how other people perceive you. Enjoying being in groups of people, being in the moment more often and not giving yourself a hard time.

How many of these questions can you answer yes to?

  • Do you dread parties and social gatherings?
  • Have you ever pretended to be ill to avoid a social event?
  • Do you start worrying days or weeks before the upcoming date?
  • Do you get tongue tied in groups or not speak your mind?
  • Do you feel sick at the thought of being the centre of attention?
  • Does a memory of a particular event haunt you?
  • Do you feel inferior to other people?

Perhaps days before you’re already worrying about it, tossing and turning in bed at night. Dreading doing something stupid or everyone noticing how uncomfortable you are. You’ve probably tried telling yourself it won’t be the end of the world whatever happens but that doesn’t change the feeling.

Living with social anxiety can be exhausting. It’s difficult to avoid interacting with others and you can feel very isolated whether you do or don’t. You may have a good idea where this all stems from for you or you may not. Using hypnosis you don’t need to know the reason why in order to feel more confident socially.

The brain is a pattern matching machine constantly making associations between ‘this’ and ‘that’ but not always getting it right. When it finds a particularly negative pattern match it sends our fight or flight impulse into overdrive. It thinks you’re in danger and whether you agree doesn’t seem to matter. At that moment your rational mind isn’t available to think you out of trouble. The good news is hypnotherapy can help change your mind.

What my clients say -

Generally in life I am a confident person. However in the classroom, when it came to putting my hand up to answer questions, I could not bring myself to do it. I would think of an answer and say nothing. The tutor would take answers from around the room until eventually someone would say what I was thinking. Then I felt worse, what was the point in putting my hand up now. I began to dread this part of the class. During the session with Rachel she gave me the confidence to open up about my fear. After just one session it was no longer an issue. In my very next class the worry had gone and I found my hand going up without thinking. It made my course so much easier and more enjoyable

Chris M

Using hypnotherapy we can help you feel calmer and more relaxed in social situations where you used to feel anxious. By reach the patten matching mechanism we can make a change at the instinctual level and stop the fight or flight response from firing in the first place. And not only that your rational mind will also be available to you. Which means you’ll have greater access to your intellectual faculties and more control over how you interact with others. Imagine that? Email me 07956 341263