Gain Confidence

Looking for a way to boost your confidence at work, socially or in general? Find out how hypnosis can help you.

Are you confident in most areas of life but there’s one part where you lack confidence so much that it’s restricting you? It could be that you’re fine at work but crumble socially or vice versa. Alternatively maybe you think you suffer from a lack of confidence in most areas of life? Imagine what it will be like to feel more confident. Actually look forward to giving a presentation at work, be excited about new experiences, enjoy talking to people or going to social events.

Does a lack of confidence inhibit your everyday life, stop you from taking new opportunities or from doing things you secretly know you’d enjoy? Hypnosis can help you feel more confident, open up your world and say ‘yes’ to more of what you want.

Being confident doesn’t mean blindly believing everything will always go your way. There are things out of your control like the weather, other people and interest rates. However there are things you can control such as practicing skills you want to learn and taking care of yourself so you can perform at your best. Accepting what you can and can’t control means you can let go of worry and concentrate on what you can influence, giving you a far better chance in life.

A part of you knows if the presentation doesn’t go well it’s not the end of the world or if the guy you ask out says no you won’t die but it doesn’t feel that way. Your brain thinks it’s doing you a favour by making you feel so uncomfortable, making you terrified, tongue tied or red faced. It could be that negative past experiences, which may not even seem related to the area or areas where you lack confidence, are kicking your brain’s protective mode into overdrive.

What my clients say -

I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel which focused on my performance anxiety. I found the sessions beneficial and Rachel was very supportive. She has helped me to feel more confident and relaxed in daily life. I would certainly recommend Rachel as a hypnotherapist.

Craig C

The brain likes to play Snap, making links between different experiences ‘this is like that’, that’s how we learn. However it’s not always very accurate when it comes to making associations. So it may think the area where you lack confidence is somehow dangerous. This all happens at an instinctual level so it can be difficult to think your way out of it. With hypnosis we can change this negative pattern match to a more positve one so you can feel more comfortable in those situations that used to be a problem.

When you’re confident you know you’ll be okay whatever happens so you can be more comfortable with uncertainty and taking calculated risks as well as being open to things going well. And when you approach life in a more optimistic frame of mind the chances are things tend to go your way more often. Email me 07956 341263