Reduce Performance Anxiety

Fear of public speaking, lack of focus or unhelpful habits and fears affecting your performance? Hypnosis can help you reach your goals.

Do you have a phobia of public speaking, a fear of performing on stage or anxiety around your sports performance? Does your body and mind react as if you’re performaing in front of a pack of hungry wild dogs with a scent for blood? Can you imagine how life with be different without that old anxiety? How much more smoothly will presenting be when you feel calmer? How much easier will your next golf shot be when you’re more focussed and less bothered by external distractions? How much more pleasant will it be to feel excitement before you perform rather than fear?

Do you worry about forgetting your words, tripping up, missing a shot or blushing only to find it’s a self fulfilling prophecy? Whether it’s a phobia of speaking in front of others, a fear of performing on stage or anxiety around sporting performance it can affect your life. Whether that is through holding you back at work, stopping you from doing things you’d like to, stealing your enjoyment of activities or causing you to live in anxious dread. If you’re having difficulty dealing with it on your own then hypnosis can help.

What my clients say -

I would highly recommend Rachel as a practitioner for improving sports performance. I was always berating myself for poor play, ‘’ I should of done this or that’’ or distracted by ‘’peripheral noise.’’ The breakthrough for me was using the relaxation techniques and the positive thinking approach she taught me. This has helped me accept a bad shot, hole or outcome and focus on the next task at hand. Since our sessions together my golf mental state has improved immeasurably. I’m now enjoying playing golf and saving strokes as well. I look forward to learning more from Rachel in the future.

R. Graham

Imagine being in the moment more of the time, savouring the experience of holding the audience’s attention rather than second guessing what everyone thinks? Being more forgiving of your mistakes and even find the funny side of things?

For some reason your subconscious has identified public speaking or performing as a dangerous activity. It’s looked at something that actually is dangerous then looked at performing and called ‘Snap!'. When it’s making you blush or panic it’s trying to do you a favour by keeping you away from something it feels will do you harm. And when it makes you so anxious that you do trip up or forget your words then it feels even more vindicated in it’s opinion. Hypnosis can help you to change how you feel about performing by changing the associations your subconscious has with it. Once the association is broken you can be more relaxed in those situations because as well as knowing it’s not dangerous you can feel it too. Email me 07956 341263