About Me

Hi I’m Rachel I live in South East London with my partner. Originally I’m from Liverpool so you’ll definitely hear a bit of a Scouse twang to my accent. Weirdly even though I grew up a stone’s throw away from Anfield football ground I’ve never been to a match. (I did have a scarf as a kid though, you kind of have to.) I’m also a bit of an introvert which is something else you might not associate with a Scouser. When I’m not working I like keeping fit (maybe like is an exaggeration). I also love writing plays set in their own little worlds like a sausage factory (that was an interesting summer job), an ice cream van or a supermarket. I’m also rather keen on chats over posh coffees at lovely little cafes.

I left uni not knowing what I wanted to do and after a short stint in market research I decided to go to back to college and study graphic design. For a good few years I was a graphic designer working on websites. (Strangely it’s much easier to design for other people than yourself.) After many years I got the urge to design things that were more tangible and I became a jewellery designer. I even had one of my necklaces featured in Elle magazine. But although I enjoyed designing I wasn’t too keen on the repetitiveness of making the same piece over and over again. That happened to coincide with my Dad’s passing and the inevitable feeling that life is too short. I wanted to learn something new and feel I was contributing. So after a few different jobs from designing carousel lights to working at at a Budhist centre I came to hypnotherapy. It’s something I’d first experienced at school when my parents took me to an hypnotherapist for exam stress. So it had always been something normal to me which I’d never associated with clucking like a chicken. It’s anything but repetitive and I get the satisfaction of helping people be happier being themselves.

rachel@naturallyuhypnosis.co.uk Email me 07783 672965