Working with me

Hi I’m Rachel I live in South East London with my better half. Originally I’m from Liverpool so you’ll definitely hear a bit of a Scouse twang to my accent. Weirdly even though I grew up a stone’s throw away from Anfield football ground I’ve never been to a match. (I did have a scarf as a kid though, you kind of have to.) I’m also a bit of an introvert which is something else you might not associate with a Scouser. When I’m not working I like keeping fit (maybe like is an exaggeration). I also love writing plays set in their own little worlds like a sausage factory (that was an interesting summer job), an ice cream van or a supermarket. I’m also rather keen on chats over posh coffees at lovely little cafes.

My first experience of hypnosis was for exam stress as a teenager. However it was many years later when looking at my own irrational thoughts and feelings that I became fascinated with hypnosis and the mind. I studied to become a hypnotherapist because it enables me to work with that part of the brain that logic alone can’t reach. To be able to make changes at a deep level of feeling which is beyond words but drives how we react and interact in the world. Hypnosis is almost like resetting the levels back to the factory default before life happened and those unhelpful ideas and feelings got into your head. It’s been a fascinating journey so far seeing how something so simple and natural can boost someone’s self-esteem and confidence and make such a difference to how they feel and experience life. I get to see people thrive and flourish being themselves and to me that’s the most rewarding job I could have.

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